Web design from 1999 by UnitedHealthcare Dental

Every year you need to make your healthcare elections. This is just rarely enough to forget the details on your last years elections.After spending hours to understand the impact of the recent changes on my health coverage I decided to pick a new dentist. The first thing I found out was that the UnitedHealthcare Dental has their own website, instead of being able to use their main website I was thrown out to the website above (see the screenshot).

Have you seen website design like this in the last decade? I know me neither. UnitedHealth Group is a $40B+ company and this is the best they can do on web design? Are they trying to block people from using their services?

What can you do on the site:

  1. search for in-network dentists by doctor, there is no way to see if they belong to the same larger company
  2. search dental providers by proximity to your address or city
  3. search dentists by name, but not by the company name

What you should be able to do on the site:

  1. find the closest dentist company and book a time from them (or at least have a link to their booking tools
  2. search within the network for open times (when it comes to dentist you are often in pain and want the help today)
  3. be able to review the doctor/company and read other reviews (links to Yelp etc. would help)

UnitedHealthcare Dental website is a good example of the state of the US healthcare system.

Check the site at: http://www.myuhcdental.com

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