Story of an innocent snapshop

Mobile Female Monument - "Wanna ride me?"

I was strolling around in Helsinki with my wife on May 2007 and saw this rather peculiar object. We had a chat with the artist Mimosa Pale who explained that the piece is here to remind us all about the importance of eqalitarian values (you know men and women are equal). This is not very interesting story, I know. But more things happened about a year later when people found this photo on my Flickr page.

In Flickr as anywhere in the web the strange things become interesting and even more so if it’s about strange and erotic. This photo had them both. It pretty soon become the most viewed photo in my photostream. Still not very interesting, I know.

But then something happened and I was getting thousand of people viewing the photo every day and photo editors contacting me to have the photo on their magazines and websites, strange? I made the photo private for a while to stop the visits and started to investigate the matter. Soon I found out that many of the visitors had come from Other guys like metalfilter had been linking back to their post. Even funnier incident was that the largest newspaper in Finland Helsingin Sanoma had a story about my photo on their website.

It’s awesome what an innocent snapshop can do. And the great thing is that Mimosa Pale won the best aesthetic act of 2007 prize from the Finnish Aestethic society.

Check this original story about Jättihäpy in Helsingin Sanomat (translated by Google translator).

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