Oulu in Brooklyn!

If you feel homesick in NYC, and happen to be from Oulu, you need no worry, just head for Oulu Bar at Brooklyn.



Going green has continued to gain momentum (credit “America’s Next Top Model” and Presid…oh wait, just Al Gore), so it only seems natural that an eco-friendly bar complete with a living façade, would set up shop in the industrial wasteland that is Williamsburg. Thanks to Anthony Pace and Ande Bordages (of Gstaad), you can now smugly sip your cocktails amongst the ecologically inspired architecture designed by Evangeline Dennie. Who knew eco construction could be so chic? Specialty cocktails like the Hot Pants (a Hangar 1 mandarin blossom martini with a prosecco top) may not transport you to the actual Finnish town of Oulu, but they’ll get you where you need to be, and topping off your evening with a Smooth Finnish (Stoli Vanilla and Absolute Pears) might not guarantee you that happy ending you’ve been craving, but it should give you a nice buzz. 

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