One remote to rule them all?

Gadget freaks are talking about the beauty of controlling everything with a single remote. And I mean everything, from curtains to fish tank lights.

I had a decent home-theater set back in Finland, but now in the US there was a good reason to upgrade everything. You know the current differences and all. Previously I had 4 remotes which was very annoying and resulted minimal use of the proper speakers (I was too lazy to switch on AV and set the right outputs).

Yesterday I finally got everything to work with the new setup and my remote actually controls pretty much everything. Sounds good, but the setting this up was quite a battle mostly because of the PS3.

PS3 is a next generation console with next generation BlueTooth controls. As many might know there is no infrared receiver at all. Of course multicontroller remotes with both IR and BT doesn’t exist today. To come across that one needs a BT/IR dongle for PS3 which works 64 percent of time. You won’t be able to switch the PS3 on or off for example.

Even the gadget nerds are puzzled…

Sony must of laugh loud when they were thinking about us users who try to find a way to use this device with an universal remote! I bought the BD/PS BT remote when I got my ps3 then the dyno blu-wave to go IR and know I’m still screwed-up. You know what, I might just tap the PS button on my siaxis controller to turn it ON… Untill I’m sick of doing it, than I’ll have to buy my 47th device to control this machine. In a world where everything is control by IR and RF sony choose BT. Well thanks to both of you but I am kind of mad at sony for this…

Despite the fact that Sony is trying to make people’s life miserable I’m quite happy about the new setup and I’m sure my wife will just love it.

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