Nightwish experience

Nightwish played a gig in San Francisco Filmore club yesterday and it was quite an odd experience. This was the first time I saw the band without Tarja Turunen (the previous singer who got ditched little over a year ago due to internal arguments). The new singer is a Swedish blond Anette Olzon, who is a mother of one and just doesn’t seem to fit to the band’s image. Well one reason could be that she used to sing in an ABBA tribute band which is as far of metal as hmm anything.

On yesterday’s gig the largest image issue was by far the attire of Anette. How could you expect people take the band seriously if singer has a dress from H&M and two ponytails. She even went sweet while an acoustic song with having a tiara. Is this done on purpose? I have a feeling that someone should get fired. I mean there is something seriously wrong if the warm up band Sonata Arctica did it better.

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