My first (real) surfboard

Finland is not a great place to surf. There are no waves. Hence the first time I got to try surfing was in Australia and New Zealand.

The first time was as it will be for everyone, very, very hard. I spent few days in water, got up couple of times, and that’s it. Didn’t really think surfing whole lot before I moved to San Francisco years later.


2008 I moved to San Francisco, and found out that Nokia team had ordered bunch of surfboards to the office. We had weekly “board meetings” at Linda Mar and Half Moon Bay. The infamous N-Gage boards were too small for our skills.

N-gage board

First time I really got into surfing was when I got my own 7″10 fun-board that was more suited to my limited skills.


After spending over 100 days in water with my fun-board I decided that it’s time to start calling me a surfer. A real surfer needs a custom board, right? I spent days researching different board, and finally came across a new SF based brand Awesome Surfboards. The guys were helpful and I ordered two custom boards.


The first board is 5″10, and I call it the FINN.

Suomi surfboard

The second board is 7″8, and called BetterDoctor, or “the Pill” (surprise).

BD surfboard

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