Multiplayer games are just like team sports

Team Fortress 2 is a great game and it would be a lot of fun to play it. But lately I just haven’t found a reason to log in and get killed time after time. This is the very same feeling I often have while playing football (not the American one) with my friends. It’s great fun to be out together, but I just aren’t very good when it comes to playing the game.

Both the online multiplayer games and team sports seem to attract the ones who can find enough time to master their skills and become good at them. The older you become the harder it is play these games casually. Casual player’s outcomes differ from Team Fortress 2 massive amounts of virtual deaths to twisted knees on football. Both can cause permanent damage and keep people out of similar games for rest of their lives.

Luckily game developers do great work today on building match making systems that match the equal opponents based on ELO and other algorithms. Other also use rubber strings to help boost the weaker player. And of course I can always join the senior league or choose bowling instead of football.

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