Hits, hits, hits!

Being mediocre is not an option in today’s entertainment market where more products are being created than ever before. Affordable production technologies and internet as democratic publishing channel have opened the market. As internet offers an endless flow of obscure propositions for niche markets the global hits dominate the entertainment market sales. The almost-hits are selling less than before while the real hits are getting even bigger.

Why do hits dominate the entertainment space more than ever before?

  1. People want something to talk about in coffee table and hits offers a safe common topic.
  2. Consumer review skew towards hits. Hits are reviewed by more people who consume less entertainment and are so less critical to quality compared to niche products which are consumed by more critical aficionados.
  3. Risk of failing to capitalize on the to-be hit makes studios, labels and publishers invest more and more on marketing of the products they have selected to be hits.

Read more about the topic from great article “A world of hits” on Economist:

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