Groupon wants to punish their employees from unsubscribtions?

I’m a huge fan of quirky marketing and dark humour, but the way Groupon handles this is just twisted and wrong!

This is your experience when you decide to unsubscribe to Groupon’s daily email spam.

You got a change to Punish Derrick who has been spamming you

Clicking “PUNISH DERRICK.” plays a short video where a coworker tosses a cup of coffee on Derrick’s face

Now I should feel sorry for causing the pain for Derrick and re-subscribe???

Violence and twisted psychology should not be the message for a billion dollar valued company.

One thought on “Groupon wants to punish their employees from unsubscribtions?

  1. Thanks for exposing this sicko way to play the guilt card by a spam site. I’ll treat these Groupon sites like Facebook. Never join.

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