Future of written words

Imagine world with no paper. Imagine pocketable full color A4 size foldable screen no thicker than a few pages of paper. Imagine being connected and reading any story your care about on this new form, from websites, news articles to novels. Imagine future of ebooks.

Print media industry, has stated that smartphones are going to save them. This might be true, but in reality the savior is further away. When the ebook described above hits your pocket, the industry might be saved, but it will look very different from what we have today.

Kindle, Nook and other offer decent experience, but you are bind to propriety system with all the limitations. The mechanical design doesn’t come even near of a real book or magazine in your hands. Today’s experience is black and white and so reminds too much of TV in the 70’s.

Future ebook will enable new business models for authors and journalists. There will be huge number of channels which provide high quality content to match your needs. The great advance of always having something to read will be important, but not all. The future ebook will turn the lonely experience of reading into social.

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