20 million people can’t be wrong?

I had decided not to lay my hands on the Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy, but after seeing the first film Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I started to doubt my decision. The film was very solid suspensive thriller with great acting and definitely one of the better Swedish films I have seen. In weeks after seeing the film everybody around me were talking about the trilogy, and finally after my wife traded her sleep (that she likes a lot) to reading the trilogy I had had enough.  

After two weeks and about 40 hours of suspense I finished the trilogy. I had almost forgotten how much fun mystery and detective novels can be especially after consuming tons of scifi, technology and business books lately. The trilogy has sold over 20 million copies and will continue selling a lot more after the Hollywood films come out in late 2011.

In this case the wisdom of crowds worked well!

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